Our 2021-2022 mission is to support our diverse school community by providing meaningful and enriching programs for our children, financial support for our school, and an approachable and enthusiastic volunteer force.

Our 2021-2022 goals are:

  • The PTSA shall remain in good standing by adhering to National and State PTA Best Practices and local, state and federal laws. Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, shall annually review and complete the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement.
  • The PTSA will clearly brand all PTSA events and communications to raise awareness of PTSA programming and activities.
  • The PTSA will conduct purposeful fundraising, with a goal of $24,975 to fully fund the Tambark Creek PTSA budget.
  • The PTSA will host a number of PTSA events and programs combining education and enrichment that create opportunities to foster social connections and cultural awareness. These events and programs may be in person and/or virtual.
  • The PTSA will promote, attain and support 100% staff membership.
  • The PTSA will involve and encourage greater parental support by providing a variety of opportunities to volunteer as allowed.
  • The PTSA will participate in at least 2 charitable projects benefitting the community.
  • The PTSA will advocate for our school at the local and state level through updates about important education issues.