Thank you to all of our TCE artists who entered the Reflections contest in 2021-2022!

Congratulations to our 4 artists who moved on to the state level of judging!

Visual Arts - Primary
Aisha I. (2nd Grade)
Kaira R. (Kindergarten)
Niralya M. (1st Grade)

Visual Arts - Intermediate
Ishan M. (3rd Grade)


Congratulations to our 20 artists who moved on to the council level of judging and were recognized at the Everett PTSA Council Reflections Celebration!

Visual arts - Primary
Alisha I. (2nd grade)
Rishit G. (2nd Grade)
Niralya M. (1st Grade)
Kaira R. (Kindergarten)
Sanjan S. (2nd Grade)

Visual Arts - Intermediate
Ziyi L. (5th Grade)
Ishan M. (3rd Grade)
Nithya P. (3rd Grade)
Mira R. (3rd Grade)
Vivaan R. (5th Grade)

Photography - Primary
Elina I. (2nd Grade) 

Photography - Intermediate
Shreya K. (5th Grade)

Music - Primary
Nishka N. (1st Grade)

Music - Intermediate
Ryan D. (5th Grade)

Dance - Primary
Aryan P. (1st Grade)

Dance - Intermediate
Ashwika S. (4th Grade)

Literature - Intermediate
Anika K. (3rd Grade)
Miriam R. (3rd Grade)
Tanya S. (4th Grade)
Sanjana S. (4th Grade)


Please contact Reflections chair Shilpa with questions.